Golden Hour Musings

Sometimes, when inspiration is hard to come by, all you need is a little light to spark interest. A few weeks ago, I was burrowed in my room enjoying a lazy Sunday, when I noticed the light streaming through a small window onto the bottom of my comforter. Maybe out of boredom or maybe due to pure creative withdrawal, I decided to pick up my camera and whatever was close by, just to see what would happen.

Golden Hour 1Golden Hour 2Golden Hour 3Golden Hour 4Golden Hour 5Golden Hour 6


Before sitting down to write this post, I stumbled across my old photography portfolio from the high school day. While flipping through the pages I realized it was filled with images like these – ordinary things, photographed through a larger than life perspective. This old portfolio got me questioning myself and my recent photography, specifically all the pictures I took while travelling.

Looking back, I’d have to say that travelling really distorted my outlook on what a worthwhile photography subject is. In a way, I think I allowed my surroundings to over compensate for my creativity. After all, how can you take a bad picture of Gamla Stan or the Amalfi Coast? Instead of focusing on using creativity to take a unique picture, I let the subject carry the photograph. This concept is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately and will probably explore more in a future post.

But for now, I hope we can all learn to love the ordinary!

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25 Goals On My 25th Birthday

25 goals

Welp, I gotta say, so far 25 isn’t feeling much different than 24! Nothing earth shattering has happened, I didn’t wake up with arthritis, so I’d say we’re off to a great start. What better way to start the day than with a long list of things I need to get done before November 2017, right?

All jokes aside, here is my annual list of stuff I’d like to achieve by this time next year – think of it as a New Years resolution, just much more unrealistic:

25 in 25

  1. Start journaling
  2. As always, write more
  3. Create a monthly budget and stick to it
  4. Learn a new language
  5. Dance more
  6. Read a new book every month
  7. Sleep more
  8. Develop a new photography portfolio
  9. Eat out less /cook more
  10. Start a skin care regiment
  11. Say yes to more opportunities that are out of my comfort zone
  12. Spend more time outside
  13. Unplug for 1 hour each day
  14. Book another solo trip
  15. Get better at keeping in contact with friends
  16. Work out 4 times a week
  17. Pay off any debts
  18. Worry less about work, when I’m not working
  19. Take a trip outside of North American or Europe
  20. Explore more of Canada
  21. Go skydiving
  22. Volunteer
  23. Eat less meat and dairy
  24. Learn to play an instrument
  25. Explore a new neighborhood in my city every month
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