NYC And My Experience With MegaBus






I must admit, New York City was not a shining example of my ability to be low maintenance. It also wasn’t some of my best work, photography wise. I truly have no idea what possessed me to leave my DSLR behind, in favour of taking only my iPhone on a trip to one of the most iconic cities in the world. Let’s just say, next time I’ll try to be more prepared.
I’m writing this post because I noticed that I’ve been on many trips on the past few years and none of them are documented on my blog. Figuring I should put some of my memories and favourite pictures (maybe not in this case) to good use, I decided to write this blog series.
I visited NYC last year with a friend, she wanted to go to see a concert, I wanted to go because I’d never been to the city, and because I can never say no to a good trip proposal.
Since we were both short on cash, we decided to opt out of the quick flight and jumped on a Megabus headed to New York. I must preface my experience by saying, I struggle to relax on long drives and I also get motion sickness. So, that should give you an idea of how I was feeling on the 12 hour journey.
The bus itself was perfectly fine. The seats were comfortable enough, the free wifi worked and it was a 20 dollar round-trip, so I can’t complain. My inability to sleep and resulting boredom was completely my own doing, but still, it was a rough 12 hours. I think It’s all about expectations when it comes to MegaBus. As long as you are prepared to take the 12 hour trip, you will be very happy only paying 20 dollars to do it. My tip would be to bring lots of snacks and things to keep you busy.
We spent our short trip exploring the major tourist attractions as well as wandering around the city. Some of my favourite moments were simply walking around Central Park and the Brooklyn Bridge.
Although it was a quick trip, sandwiched between two long bus rides, I still had an amazing time getting to know New York City.

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