The Stockholm Series: Östermalm


Recently, I was looking back on past blog posts and realized it had been a while since I updated The Stockholm Series. Over the course of the winter, I lacked a little photography inspiration, since everything in the city seemed to be gray and dull. Thankfully, spring has finally arrived in Stockholm, I thought it would be the perfect time to go out and explore the city, camera in hand.

If any of you are wondering what the heck The Stockholm Series is, it’s basically where I try to help you guys explore the different areas and islands that make up Stockholm. I tend to run a little wild with the amount of pictures I feature, I can’t help it, I get a little carried away when I see beautiful buildings and landscapes. This is the third post of it’s kind, and I’m hoping to do another two before I move at the end of July. Now that I’ve finished rambling on, let’s talk about this awesome part of town.

Östermalm is one of Stockholm’s most notable neighborhoods. Usually when you mention Östermalm to people they have one of two possible reactions: They get excited about all the designer brands and fancy restaurants, or they are horrified by how expensive it is. I must admit, the price tag is steep if you want to spend a day shopping or eating in this area. However, if you’re just there for a scenic stroll, you’re in luck. This area of town is filled with beautiful buildings, green parks and a beautiful boardwalk view. My favorite things to do in Östermalm include: walking around Humlegården, grabbing a coffee near the boat docks and window shopping, of course.




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Swedish Ski Holiday in Lindvallen


I’m sitting down to type this post with stiff muscles and a bruised ego. I have to admit, It seems that ploughing down a hill on skies is just not in my Canadian wheelhouse. You could say that I was raised in an ice rink, not on the slopes. That being said, I did just manage to come back from a week long ski holiday with all my bones intact and a little more ski experience under my belt.

A few months back, my host family invited me on an Easter ski trip with them up in Lindvallen, a ski resort close to the Norwegian Boarder. Although I hadn’t skied since I was a pre-teen, I decided to go and see just how much I remembered. So, when last weekend finally rolled around, we all piled in the car and began our 7 hour road-trip, stopping overnight for some Easter festivities in my Host Mom’s hometown.

We arrived the next day in Lindvallen and settled into a cozy little cottage, spending the rest of the day grocery shopping and relaxing. I went to the ski shop to pick up my ski rental, and all at once I realized that maybe I didn’t actually remember anything, when it came to skiing. Not even knowing how to properly walk in ski boots. This was going to be fun!

The next day we decided to start things off slowly, since the boys hadn’t skied much before. So, the boys and I took the lift up a small bunny hill to test out our skills. Needless to say, I absolutely crashed and burned, while 3 year olds skied by me as if they could do it with their eyes closed. Not wanting to discourage the kids I was with, I shakily took the lift back up and this time made it down the hill without falling.

I wish I could say that my skiing skills vastly improved from that point on, but that would be a stretch. By the end of the trip I could successfully make it down a full green run without falling, but I was mentally cursing the whole way down. Looking back on it, a refresher lesson would have been totally worth it.

Apart from my lackluster skiing performance, the resort was awesome. We had lots of extra activities to help break up a fully day of skiing, as well some amazing weather. Everyday was sunny and mild, perfect for a lunch of beer and grilled hotdogs.

As we drove back into Stockholm on Saturday, we were greeted with sunshine and a high of 15 degrees. The perfect welcome home after a fun, week long holiday in the snow.

I hope you guys like the pictures below. The weather was so perfect, I couldn’t resist snapping away.

IMG_7622IMG_7556IMG_7579 IMG_7592IMG_7603IMG_7611IMG_7596

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