Weekend Trip to Mallorca [Final Post]

So, normally I begin most of my blog posts with a picture that I believe represents the general theme of the post. However, since I couldn’t find a picture which adequately portrayed the sensation of high stress and pure misfortune, this article will have to remain without a photo. Yes, this blog post will attempt to encompass the dreaded feeling of panic and anxiety, which only an airport can bring out in people.

I figured, that since my trip had been nothing but wonderful, there would have to come a bump in the road at some point. While packing our bags and hopping on our flight from Palma to London, I tried to convince myself that we would not miss our second flight back to Stockholm. No matter how hard I tried to believe it, I knew in my heart of hearts that one does not simply fly Ryanair and expect miracles to happen.

As previously advised by a Ryanair rep, we boarded the plane and immediately told a member of the crew about our situation. Her response was a lifted eyebrow as she said “ohhh yeah, that’s going to be a close one” and walked away. To be fair, I wasn’t expecting much of a solution from her, it was after all, our mistake in the first place.

We landed in Lodon about a half hour before our second flight left, and immediately set our sights on finding airport staff. Of course, no one was waiting at the gate, so we were forced to join the agonizingly slow line of fellow passengers moving at snails pace up the single elevator headed to customs.

As we arrived at the customs line, we followed the instructions we received a few days prior and informed a staff member about our dilemma. Again, we were told there was nothing they could do, we would just have to wait in line. This line, was of course uncharacteristically long, as around 7 flights had all landed around the same time. That’s how it happened, waiting in the customs line, we waved our flight goodbye.

After accepting defeat, we realized we would now need to figure out a plan for the night, as well as a plan to get home. As we stood in line we discussed what to do first, who we should call, how much we could afford to spend on hotels and plane tickets.

After getting through customs, we sat down and called both our parents and host families. We agreed that the first thing to do would be to go to customer service and see about the next flight out. We were informed that there was a flight going out in the early morning, but we would save more money if we went back to our hotel and ordered our tickets online.

So, with that in mind, we booked a room, jumped in a taxi and headed to an unexpectedly beautiful hotel. The place we stayed at resembled a classic British manor, complete with festive decorations. Anyone who knows me knows my desire to revisit England, this however, was not what I had in mind.

After setting our things down, we went into the main area of the hotel to buy our tickets. Catie went first and bought her ticket with no problems. By the time she had purchased her ticket and handed me her iPad, the flight had sold out. Faced with no other option, I had to buy a ticket for the late flight, which didn’t leave until 8pm and was 22 pounds more expensive. In my mind, there was no way things could get worse then this.

After staying in the hotel as long as I could, I got a cab to the airport and proceeded to restaurant hop for about 6 hours. I grabbed coffee and read a book, then moved on and got lunch, I people watched  for a bit, then I wrote, finally I had dinner and went through security.

At last, I board the plane to Stockholm, ready to have this airport experience over with. I took my seat and prepared for take off, only to be told that our flight was going to be grounded because of bad visibility. At this point, I almost burst into tears. I was worried that if we were even slightly late I would miss the last bus out of the airport back In Stockholm. This airport happened to be an hour and a half outside of the city and closed at 12pm.

An hour behind schedule, we finally took off. I arrived at the airport stressed to the max, I ran as fast as I could to the doors to find a bus waiting. I sat down and got comfy for the long ride home.

I got off the bus in Stockholm and made a break for the subway station, only to find, the subway schedule had recently changed and no longer ran all night during the week. So, at 2am, I tried to navigate my way around the bus system, hoping to find a bus that would take me as close to home as possible. I ended up getting on a bus, not knowing if it was even the right one, and just prayed it would take me anywhere closer then I already was.

One hour and 49 stops later, I got off the bus at the nearby shopping centre and got a taxi home. I laid down to go to bed at 3:30 am, glad to put that experience behind me.

I can honestly say, that day was one of the more stressful experiences I’ve had to date. Even when things seemed they could not get worse, they did. I did however learn a lot, like: never book flights so close together, Ryanair my not actually save you money in the end, and I learned how to roll with the punches.

Although it wasn’t ideal, this series of unfortunate events did not take anything away from my amazing trip.

I’m now awaiting my next adventure.

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Weekend Trip to Mallorca [Part 2]

So here goes the second part of my trip to Mallorca. Everything was still coming up roses for Catie and I at this point in the trip. We were still enjoying the sun and hot weather.

When we woke up on Monday morning, Catie and I began to worry about our flight home on Tuesday. You see, we were not previously aware that when flying through England, you had to go through customs and security all over again before catching your connecting flight. After going back over our flight information, we realized that we only had about an hour between flights, and had a gut feeling that we weren’t going to make it in time. Hoping to fix the situation, we went back to the airport to speak with a rep from Ryanair. She basically told us what we already knew, it would be a close one, and there wasn’t really much that we could do to prevent it from happening. So, since the situation was out of our hands, we decided to go back into the city and try to make the most of the day.

Since Monday was the last full day of our trip, we decided to spend it in Palma’s old town. Catie had seen some pictures online of the most glorious church, so we decided that would be our first stop. After making our way into Palma, we planned on getting some of our money exchanged. Let me just say, finding somewhere to change Swedish Krona into Euros is basically impossible in Palma. After ¬†taking directions from about a hundred people, going into multiple banks, and walking here, there and everywhere, we still ended up with no Euros.

After admitting defeat, we finally went to check out the church. I’ve seen a lot of historic and beautiful churches in my day, but this was on a whole new level. Not only was the church spectacular, but it’s location along the water, surrounded by tropical gardens was absolutely breathtaking.

After wandering around the church grounds, we decided to get some sangria and relax a little before our next locations.

Next on our list was the Arab Baths. Although it was small, admission was reasonable (2 euro) and it was seriously gorgeous. The baths themselves only consisted of about three rooms, but there was also a very pretty outdoor garden/sitting area. While there, we ran into the cutest tabby cat which I was completely obsessed with. I do have to say, Mallorca seems to have a pretty bad stray cat problem on their hands, I wanted to take them all back with me.

That night, we decided to finally go into Palma for dinner. After doing some digging we decided to go for tapas. Now I L-O-V-E tapas, so I was very excited. After eating a variety of dishes, and sharing a pitcher of sangria, both Catie and I agreed that the restaurant we went to was good, but was clearly geared to a more touristy crowd. So, we went elsewhere in search of some dessert and refreshments. We cam across a street filled with wine bars and jazz clubs in the old town and decided to cozy into one of them.

At the end of the night, we jumped on one of the last buses to the hostel and discussed our plan for the next day.

Photo taken by Catie
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