32 Hours in Berlin

One of the reasons I decided to live in Europe for the year was the endless travel possibilities. Obviously, traveling within Europe is much more friendly on the wallet than traveling from Canada.  Since I only work week days, I have the opportunity to take trips over the weekends. That being said, after three months in Stockholm, I’ve only now begun travelling outside the country. I attribute this to my sheer enjoyment here with my host family, and the beauty of Stockholm.

I picked Berlin, due in part to my friend Leah. Leah and I have a history of travelling together. When we found out we would both be living in Europe this year, we knew we would be embarking on more journeys.  It just so happened that Leah had a friend living in Berlin. So on Friday evening, I jumped on a plane, Leah jumped on a bus with another friend, and we made our way to Germany.

After stopping over in Copenhagen, I was on another flight, narrowing in on my destination. Leah’s friend Julia was generous enough to save me from the ins and outs of Berlin’s public transit and picked me up at the airport. Since I arrived around 9pm, Julia and I had time to kill before Leah and her friend Shaina arrived at 3am. After getting a Kebab, we headed home and relaxed before going out. As a Canadian, I was feeling the pressure to get ready to go out, only to learn that most clubs and bars in Berlin don’t become busy until after 1am. Thats right, Germans show up to the party around that same time that last call would be announced in a Canadian bar.

After going out and killing time, we picked up Leah and Shaina and continued our night out.

Since I knew my time was limited in Berlin, I wanted to see as many sights as possible. On Saturday, Julia was able to guide us around four of Berlin’s most popular attractions in a matter of about 5 hours.

After walking around all day, with aching feet and empty stomachs, we grabbed some Indian food from an amazing and cheap restaurant.

For weeks, leading up to the trip, Leah had been telling me about a legendary club in Berlin, known as the heart of Techno in Europe. I had read articles offering readers tips on how to get into this place, how to impress the security, how to dress and who to go with. After being warned by Julia not to go, we still decided that it would be worth it, if we got in.

Upon arrival, we quickly realized that everything written about this place was on point. The line was extensive, everyone there (including our group) was in all black, the music could be heard outside of what looked to be a converted apartment complex or warehouse building. We took our place in line and began to wait, and wait, and wait. We waited three hours to be exact. We waited so long that we expressed joy over the fact that the clock went back from 3am to 2am (daylights saving time) just to realize that when 3am came around for the second time, we had only moved about 5 feet. All three of us were freezing, desperate for a bathroom, and fading quickly with the realization that we were not getting in anytime soon. Eventually, I asked if we could leave as my bladder was about to explode, and I had to be up early to catch a flight home. Looking back, had we stayed committed to the cause, it probably would have payed off, but when you gotta go, you gotta go.

The next mourning, Julia went above and beyond my expectations and drove me to the airport. As I waited at the gate, sipping my overpriced airport coffee, I reflected on how much I actually loved Berlin. I only wish that I could have stayed longer and discovered more of that intriguing city.

The weekend, although short, delivered on beautiful cityscapes and cherished time reconnecting with one of my best friends.

Now that I’m back in my travel mode, I’m super excited for my next trip to…drumroll please…Mallorca!!

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