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Well, look who’s finally living up to her name!

After what’s felt like a million years (Let’s be real – it’s only been a year and a half) this lady is going abroad. This past year and a half have marked the longest period of time I’ve stayed grounded since entering adulthood and that is one milestone I’m happy to distance myself from.

I have to say, after not travelling for a while, I’ve completely forgotten half the things that go into preparing for departure. It literally dawned on me this evening (I fly out tomorrow btw) that I hadn’t exchanged money or located my handy adaptor. Forget planning – I’m currently pinning the shit out of “Top Ten” and “Must See” blog posts in a sleep-deprived frenzy.

Another thing that seems to have found its way back into my mind after not travelling for a while is flight anxiety. To say I’m scared of flying wouldn’t necessarily be true, but I do feel that little bit of butterflies in my tummy thinking about taking flight/ taking another solo trip abroad.

Ultimately, I’m super stoked to explore a new place and escape the day to day grind. It’s been altogether too long since I’ve let my hair down and got out of my comfort zone.

Where am I going, you ask? I guess you’ll have to stick around to find out…


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